Monday, 6 February 2012

Tyrrells Popcorn: a review

First product review! Despite the blog moniker, I looove savoury snacks, and have a new obsession. Tyrrells, the beloved maker of crisps - the potato and vegetable kind, are now making proper popcorn! There IS a god, I hear youme say?! 

Instead of the daily bag of crisps, I branched out to popcorn last week along with a sandwich from Philpotts (mmm). It was not a decision I would live to regret.

There are 3 varieties of these 20g bags (that's actually a lot of the light stuff):

Lightly Sea Salted
Sour Cream & Jalapeno Chilli
Sweet & Salty
My local Philpotts only have the salted and sweet & salty so you're only getting an opinion of the two! I'd love to try the Sour Cream & Jalapeno Chilli though, if you're reading Tyrrells, hook your girl up ; )

1) Lightly Sea Salted

Salted is my favourite flavour of popcorn and the quality of this popcorn is absolutely superb; no annoying un-popped kernels at the bottom of the bag, perfectly puffed, perfectly seasoned and no nasties in there at all. In fact there are 4 ingredients: popped kernels, rapeseed oil, salt, soya lecithin. That is it. It's a bloomin' good choice too at 109kcal, 12.5g fibre and 3.3g of fat (you can have 30g per day). I'll take that with the pinch of salt. Yes it's salted and "wah wah salt causes high blood pressure", not eating enough is even worse for you, the 0.9g in this bag is definitely an acceptable level. These are delicious! GET SOME! End of discussion. 

2) Sweet & Salty

Much to the disappointment of my friends, I am not a sweet popcorn fan. It's 
Alas, I wasn't going to turn my nose up on this flavour after I had sweet/salty peanuts at the local Chinese restaurant and they were pretty darn good. Well, this popcorn is a million times tastier than the peanuts. You would be surprised at how good these are, I guess they're zinging up two sets of tastebuds with two sensations!  The popcorn in this batch was just as perfect as you'll find in the supreme salted bags (I hear they make them in small batches to make sure they puff out properly). I just daydreamed about swimming through popcorn...anyway... they're nutritionally more virtuous than their salty brother! A snip at 90kcal per bag!! Please join me in the trash can clash of ditching other <100kcal marketed snacks. For the sake of continuity: 2.8g fat, 12.0g fibre, 0.6g sodium. I know it sounds obscure but you have to giv' 'em a go. They're perfect for the person who doesn't know whether they want something sweet or something savoury; or the one who likes to slightly mix it up, think jam on buttered toast, chocolate spread on bread, ketchup on anything... See, it doesn't seem so strange now?

If that isn't reason enough, Tyrrells popcorn is 'Made in England' and they're proud of it!! It's also suitable for vegans, no artificial anything and they're gluten free! Check out their website for more details:

I urge you to put down that packet of crisps and get yourself some popcorn. Besides you can be a trendsetter, crisps are so 2011. Now back to my daydream..


  1. Awww yeah. Was very happy the day these made a comeback. For the longest time you could not get good packaged popcorn.

    1. I agree James! And so rarely can you find a good savoury popcorn! One can only seem to buy toffee or saccharine replacements in bags these days. Huzzah for Tyrrells!