Thursday, 16 February 2012

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Oh. My. Goodness...pause for a sip.

So far you've only seen food on here but its time to reveal the true gustatory love of my life, it's tea. The Aztecs called their chocolate drink 'liquid gold', but i'm afraid they hadn't been introduced to tea. It's our national drink for a reason.

There was a time in life when I wanted to be a tea blender; travel to the mountains of Darjeeling and the valleys of Assam scouring plantations for the finest teas to send home to my awaiting parched patriots.  Alas, it's a tough industry to get into and I got a place at ToothFairy school... I still intend to take a sabbatical and fulfil those leafy dreams one day.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say I'm definitely quite fussy about tea, it seems to be an umbrella term for dust in a cage or perfectly dried leaves in an infuser. And, well, that's just not right; I'll take any opportunity to spread the word about proper tea! My latest favourite is teapigs tea, having only drunk it in 3 nice cafe's but loved every sip, I'm setting out to explore this brand further.

The wonderful people at teapigs have mailed me some of their teas to sample and blog about. Since I'm off to London this weekend for a Valentine's getaway, courtesy of Mr ToothFairy (aww), stay tuned for a post next week giving you the verdict on these tea temples of glory. There will be extra treats too with a guest blogger/judge and some discounts from teapigs!! Excited, yes?

Just as a point of interest, this was on the BBC yesterday regarding the antioxidant content of tea and steeping time.

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